Lunghitano and Regan in Origins War

In an all out Muay Thai war West Aussies Andy "The Guvner" Regan and Jamie "The Dragon" Lunghitano went toe-to-toe for five exhilarating rounds in what saw an epic main event for the card of Battle Collossal Origins presented by Pamorn Martdee and Australian Muay Thai Promotions.

In the opening round Regan came out swinging for the fences with Lunghitano having to use angles and kicks with some well timed snap kicks to the face to keep him at bay. In rounds two and three the two exchanged kicks and punches, locking horns in a furious exchange of knees which Lunghitano seemed to take control landing solid knees to the solar plexus and elbows to the head of Regan who never seemed to tire. In round four and five it went down to the wire with Lunghitano counter fighting every attack from Regan who pushed forward constantly, Lunghitano moving and using angles to great effect. With the final bell it was up to the judges to decide a victor. 

With the crowd confident it was Lunghitano's victory announcer Callan Rose called the decision, a split decision victory to the blue corner with Andy Regan the new Super Middleweight WBC Muaythai Western Australia Champion. The people of Perth were treated to an epic war between two superb Muay Thai warriors.

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